British Royal Family Members With Their UK Luxury Cartier Replica Watches With Elegance

People always pay much attention on what the British royals wear. Today I will discuss it with you.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles was often photographed wearing the black leather strap copy Santos de Cartier. As many people know, Cartier has a profound relationship with Royals and it was commissioned to be the jewelry supplier of British royal in 1904. Santos was just released in 1904 which was designed for Santos Dumont, the famous pilot in Brazil.

Charles often wore the Santos de Cartier when he was young.
Santos De Cartier Replica With Stainless Steel Case
Princess Diana

One of Diana’s photo was very popular as she wore two wristwatches on one wrist, one of which was her Patek Philippe that was given by Charles as gift and the other was belonged to Charles. Later Princess Diana changed her watch to a Cartier Tank fake with gold case. When she was divorced with Charles, Diana still wore her Cartier Tank. It was said that she hadn’t worn the Patek Philippe that Charles gave any more, also she was not willing to use anything of Channel for the symbol of Channel will remind her of Charles and Camilla.

The Cartier Tank makes Princess Diana very dependent and mature.
Blue Hands Cartier Imitation Watch

After Diana died, Prince William and Harry chose the relic to be souvenirs, Harry chose the ring of Diana while William chose the Cartier Tank. This knockoff watch with silver dial featured the gold case and gold bracelet, making Diana look very noble and elegant.

The gold Cartier makes Princess Diana look very noble and charming.
Gold Bracelet Fake Cartier Tank

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